Waste Chutes
Also called trash rings, these waste chutes are used in commercial restrooms, fast food restaurants etc.
They are found in the countertop over the trash bins. Ours come in 7" and 9" internal diameter versions
and can be seamlessly bonded underneath laminate and solid surface.

Waste Chute

Basket Strainers

We offer color-matched basket strainers for our sinks. The White and Bisque strainers are a good match for our Acrylic Series sinks. The Black and Brown strainers are suited to our Black and Brown quartz sinks. Our stainless steel strainers work well with all of our sinks.

Strainers and Flanges - Colored

Disposal Flanges
We offer disposal flanges in the same colors as our strainer baskets (except stainless steel). These flanges are decorative and fit inside the steel collar of most garbage disposals. 

If you have just purchased a stainless steel sink, protect it from scratching and scuffing by adding a bottom grid. Available for selected sink models only.

Grid table