Router Bits for Edge and Quartz Sinks
We offer a selection of router bits to make your installations simple and quick.
 - For laminate we recommend our 10 degree bevel bit with oversized nylon bearing.
 - For solid surface we recommend our 24 degree and 45 degree bevel bits. They provide an attractive profile yet assist in reducing sanding and finishing time because of the greater angle variation between bowl wall and beveled profile.

Router bits

Seaming Adhesive and Applicator gun
We offer a selection of seaming adhesive cartridges. 250ml tubes are available in Bisque, White, Brown and Black and come prepackaged with 3 mixing tips. 100ml tubes are available in Bisque and White and come prepackaged with 1 mixing tip. We also offer additional mixing tips and applicator guns.

Seam adhesive


Flap Wheels, Polishing Paste, Luster Pro Oil and Protective Tape
Flap wheels are available in 180 grit finish and are useful in refinishing the walls of Edge stainless steel sinks during final finishing. Polishing Paste is a creamy, slightly granular paste that when applied with a Scotch-brite pad is great in blending the finish on Edge sinks. Luster Pro oil is designed for cleaning our quartz sinks and give the surface a lusterous finish. Protect Plus tape provides a great protective barrier to seam adhesive ooze out during quartz sinks installations.  

Flap Wheels and Polishing Kit